Achim Wieland

Three stage projects by Achim Wieland

“Tea Ceremony” / SRSLYyours Ensemble (Achim Wieland)
Rialto Theater Cyprus, 2018 (On Stage: Marios Ioannou)

Scene 8, Epilogue: “Bombs exploding, Coffee grinders. A voice announcing goods from distant places. Flags of food chains. Flags of countries. Helicopters circling over temples of consummation. Security cameras blinking, keeping us safe. A mother screaming, a boy crying 250 meters under the earth… Shhhh… The sound of insatiable greed, an insatiable machine. Cameras securing privatized supply chains. And cashiers clicking while my goods are floating down the conveyer belt. The sound of earthly delights… Shhhh…” (Photo: Stephan Metzner)
“Egoland” / SRSLYyours Ensemble
Nicosia Premiere 2017 (On Stage: Martin Alexandersson)

“There are times of the I, and there are times of the We. Eras in which we are concerned with community, and eras in which the belief in the individual, determines the spirit of the times. Western societies are currently experiencing an epoch of the ego… …The extreme form of this individual is the narcissist. A radiant ego, but pitiful at the same time. Because in all the I, the narcissistic lost all awareness of the We. This We can be a great word that embraces the whole of society, ultimately mankind. But sometimes this We is only a little word.”
(“Der Spiegel”, Production Photo: Jessica Nilsson)

“Fear Industry” / SRSLYyours Ensemble, Premiere Volkstheater Göteborg
(Onstage: Marios Ioannou, Marina Makris, Martin Alexandersson, Peter Loguin – Baritone)

The 2017 premiere at Gothenburg’s Volkstheater marked the launch of the Swedish Collaboration within the Fear Industry Project (2016-18), in which the original performance is expanded by local performers to examine and elaborate on the theme of fear relating to the specific political and social dynamics of the host country. Swedisch Performer Martin Nick Alexandersson, Baritone Peter Loguin and playwright Isabel Evers join the performers from Cyprus Marios Ioannou and Marina Makris (original cast Elena Kallinikou, Mezzo-Soprano Marianna Pieretti) on stage. (Photo: Jessica Nilsson).

Achim Wieland is part of the panel “race-class-gender” (19.10), together with Gerasimos Bekas (GR/DE), Nina Rapi (GR) and Maria Topali (GR).