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Artistic Director: Dr. Michaela Prinzinger
Project Leader: Linde Nadiani
Assistants: Giulia Silvestri and Marlies Weixelbaumer

A project by Lettrétage e. V. and Diablog Vision e. V.

© Nelly Tragousti
Artistic Director
Dr. Michaela Prinzinger, born in Vienna in 1963, lives and works as an author and literary translator in Berlin, Germany, and Leiden, Netherlands. Petros Markaris, Ioanna Karystiani and Rhea Galanaki are among the authors she has brought on board. In 2014, together with a group of cultural mediators, she initiated the bilingual portal www.diablog.eu, German-Greek exchanges, to point out cultural formation as a successful way of mutual understanding between the German and Greek-speaking regions. In 2015 she was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Literary Translation. SYN_ENERGY BERLIN_ATHENS is a project of Lettrétage in cooperation with the non-profit association Diablog Vision e. V., founded in 2017 by Michaela Prinzinger.More information at www.michaela-prinzinger.eu.
E-mail contact: web@diablog.eu


© Minga
Project leader
Linde Nadiani – born 1987 in Faenza, Italy, studied German and American Literature at the University of Bologna and subsequently General and Comparative Literature at the Peter Szondi Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. She lives in Berlin, where she is active as a coordinator for international cultural projects, as well as a literary translator and musician. She has worked for numerous cultural institutions and agencies.She joined the Lettrétage team in 2014 and managed the OMNIBUS Reading Tour through Europe within the networkCROWD. She is currecly in charge of the projects WiSU and SYN_ENERGY.E-Mail contact: linde.nadiani@lettretage.de