Vissilis Amanatidis

Photo © Sofia Camplioni

Vassilis Amanatidis was born in Edessa, northern Greece, in 1970. He was raised in Thessaloniki, were he lives. He studied History and Archaeology at the Aristotles University of Thessaloniki (Master and PhD in Art History). He worked as an art curator at the Thessaloniki Centre of Contemporary Art. He is currently working as a translator. His translations includes the work of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Joyce Carol Oates, Witold Gombrowicz, Anne Carson, E.E. Cummings. He has published seven collections of poetry: Dormitory: Nine nocturnal parables (Entefktirio, Thessaloniki 1999), House of ice (Kedros, Athens 2001), Thirtythree (Gavriilidis, Athens 2003), Summer indoors + six proofs of capability (To Oktaselido tou Mpilietou, Paiania 2004-2005), 4-D: Four-Dimensional Poems (Gavriilidis, Athens 2006), 7: ποίηση για Video Games (Νεφέλη,2011), μ-otherpoem (Νεφέλη, 2014) . He has also published two collections of short-stories: Don’t eat me (Kastaniotis, Athens 2005) and Charybdi’s Dog (Kastaniotis 2008). His theatrical play The washbasin was staged in 2007 in Thessaloniki.

His poems and short-stories have been translated in five languages, and have been included in anthologies, catalogues and literary journals in America, Canada, England, Sweden, Italy and Russia. He has participated as a performer in International Poetry Festivals and Poetry Readings. He is a member of the editors board of FRMK, a biannual journal on poetry poetics and visual arts.