Vissilis Amanatidis

Photo © Sofia Camplioni

Vassilis Amanatidis, born 1970 in Edessa and raised in Thessaloniki, is a poet, prose writer, translator and performer. He studied Archeology and Art History at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has been publishing since 1991.

Since 1999, he has published eight collections of poetry, most recently in 2017 „Du: Elemente“, for which he was awarded for the Poetry Prize of the Athens Academy, «m_otherpoem: mono logos, 2014, und «7: Dichtung für Videospiele», 2011. Beyond that he has published two volumes of novels: „Iss mich nicht“, 2005, and „Der Hund der Charybdis“, 2008.

Two of his plays have been performed in Thessaloniki, but his texts and books he presents himself to the public in the form of literary performances and performative readings in Greece and abroad. In addition, he is involved in the translation of prose and poetry (Witold Gombrowicz, Isaac Bashevis Singer, E.E. Cummings, Anne Carson) and teaches creative writing in the field of poetry. His essays and poetry reviews have appeared in daily newspapers, literary magazines and online media.

Amanatidis is a curator in the field of art, literature and performance. He works in the editorial board of the magazine «Entefktirio» and is one of the founding members of the magazine [φρμκ] and the internet platform Greek Poetry Now.

He has participated in numerous international poetry festivals, his texts have been translated into fourteen languages ​​and included in several magazines and anthologies. In Russian, a bilingual selection of his poems under the title „Der Hase auf dem Land“ (Stella Art Foundation, 2008) appeared and in German a book with selected stories appeared; «(Ihr) Weinen», Nefeli, 2014.