Lilly Jäckl

Foto © Carola Göllner

Her versatile life in different places and in different environments reflects Jäckl’s interest in characters at extreme situations and in everyday language patterns driven to their peak as linguistic art. Until 2006 she studied script and playwriting at the Vienna Film Academy and at the HFF Konrad Wolf (Babelsberg/Berlin). Before that she worked for 10 years exclusively in the film and TV industry as assistant director and production assistant, later as director, script doctor and lecturer for publishing houses and freelance authors. From 2006, her creative focus shifted to her own literary publications and multi-genre productions (for example: International Contemporary Art Festival 2012, A Tribute to John Cage in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Berlin, and others).

Due to her versatility, the author, often referred to as an „all-round artist“, does not fit into a drawer,- only the expressive intensity of her works, the tendency to experiment and the work on current, politically explosive topics are continuous characteristics of her often socially critical texts and international collaborations. Lilly Jäckl lives in Austria, Croatia and Germany.

Book Publications

ESTOY DURMIENDO. Ich schlafe gerade (2016 edition keiper, Graz)

amen, amen (2013 J. Frank Publishing House, Berlin)


Literar Mechana script grant (2004/Screenplay Im Namen der Republik)

Floriana Literature Prize (2005/ 3rd place for Prose Alles im Kanal)

Nomination for the Retzhofer Literature Prize (2005/Theater piece Psychopax)

Förderpreis des Carl Mayer Drehbuchwettbewerb (2006/Treatment Ildiko)

Graz Literature Scholarship (2010/Prosa and Poetry)

Literary Tandem Scholarship (Literary Colloqium / Liebermann Haus Berlin) (2016 / together with Angelika Klüssendorf )

Literature Promotion Prize of the City of Graz 2017