Ellen Katja Jaeckel

Foto © privat

born 1968 in Heidelberg. Romanist, Germanist, Comparatist, lives in Berlin. She is a travel author and has been on the road as a research tour supervisor in various European countries for 26 years. She hosts guests from all over the world in Berlin and has published nine travel guides on France, Greece, Cyprus and Italy. She wrote her first travel guide in the MERIANlive! series on the occasion of the 28th Summer Olympics in Athens. Other titles are Neapel, Amalfiküste/Golf von Neapel, Kos and Zypern. She has written the volumes Athen, Côte d’Azur and Kreta for the Viennese publisher Picus-Verlag, partly together with the expert for cultural history and culinary art Peter Peter in the series Lesereisen. In addition, there are several cultural-historical essays, reports and travel articles.