Dalibor Marković

Photo © Eva Zocher

born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with a croatian cultural background. As a child he discovered his ability to create sounds and rhythms with only his mouth – the so-called beatboxing.During his study of philosophy at the University of Frankfurt, he started performing at Poetry slams, a modern form of competition for upcoming poets. Along with two friends and fellow poets he established the Spoken-Word-Team „WordAlert“. In 2010 they were the winning team at the Zürich Spoken Word Festival.

In 2014 he won the German Poetry Slam Championship in Dresden with the new-formed team called Team Scheller along with Dominique Macri.

His work on stage is a collage of dialogues, prosaic inserts and rhythmic poetry, which often embodies the beatbox as a link or break inbetween. Dalibor Marković lives in Frankfurt am Main.


Und Sie schreiben auf Deutsch?, 2016 Voland&Quist

Bühnenstücke . Band 1 – a collection of spoken-word pieces, 2011 Warrington Verlag

Bühnenstick . Band 1 – a collection of audios and videos, 2011 Warrington Verlag

Schulwege . so Gedichten – a collection of poems, 2006 Warrington Verlag